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     This website exists to honor the legacy of past and present Christian schools and associations while also promoting current Christian schools outside the IHSAA. A catalog of past results continues to grow as more information becomes available for former and current non-IHSAA schools.

     ​After years of research in libraries around the state, Christian school basketball fanatic Benj Shirk, a 1995 Clinton Christian (Goshen) graduate, decided to start Indiana's first website dedicated to Indiana Christian school boys basketball. Beginning with the 2013-14 season, Indiana Christian has sought to bring greater exposure to Christian schools that do not participate in the IHSAA. Scores are featured on the website while Facebook is used to highlight top teams and players. After the 2016-17 season, Indiana Christian published its first All-State and All-Newcomer teams.

     You may assist in the research process by sending any current or historical information (including photos) to Benj Shirk: You may also use the 'Contact Us' button on this website to send an email. Thank you for visiting Indiana Christian!

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